WATCH Hunter Metts Performs Breathtaking Bon Iver “Skinny Love” Cover – American Idol 2021

Hunter Metts is one of the standout contestants on American Idol season 19, and the fans are really excited to learn more about this superstar in the making.

The level of talent that the series usually attracts is still what longtime viewers have come to expect. From the very beginning of the season, Hunter has been able to woo the fans and the judges with his delicate and sultry singing voice, which is very well-suited for soulful performances of soft-spoken ballads.

Going into the audition process for American Idol, Hunter Metts was a 22-year-old software engineer from Franklin, Tennessee. He had previously auditioned for American Idol twice, but he was only ready for his spot in the competition in season 19.

Hunter sang Kaleo’s “All The Pretty Girls” in his audition, and it impressed the judges so much that they called him a shoo-in for the Top 10. Turns out, they were absolutely right. Alas, throughout his Idol journey, Hunter has had to battle against his own insecurities, anxiety, and self-doubt. So far, he has been able to overcome those things on the show.

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