Bringing 1976 back: ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’ gets stunning Hi-Fi upgrade

‘Abba’ took the world by storm with their ‘70s infectious hit ‘Dancing Queen.’ The song has experienced a resurgence as more and more fans discover this party tune. Can you finish the lyrics, “You are the dancing queen…?”

The remastered performance video is delivered in 4K, which adds clarity to the video from many decades ago. The performance starts by showing a small crowd dancing in a tiny club with a simple stage.

The lights are dim, and only about 50 people are looking at the stage.
Then, it shows Abba on stage, and the two girls pace back and forth in rhythm while the musicians play behind them.

The girls turn in sync and start to sing the chorus while pointing out and swaying in unison. The audience is dancing and smiling when ‘Abba’ sings their tight harmonies to the lyrics, “You are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen. Dancing queen, feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah.”

Each verse shows close-ups of the singers smiling and dancing around. There’s even slow-motion shots of their hair bopping in the wind. The video shows every musician playing along, including guitar, bass, drums, and piano.

The lead singers have choreographed twirls toward each other and then away from each other every few seconds. ‘Abba’ became a Swedish supergroup in 1972, forming the letters of their first names into their band name.

‘Dancing Queen’ was featured on their fourth studio album ‘Arrival’ in 1976, which included Europop and disco beats. It was the band’s only number-one hit in the U.S., and it also topped the charts in Australia, Canada, South Africa, and even the Soviet Union.

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