Elvis Presley’s funny moments caught on tapeElvis Presley’s funny moments caught on tapeElvis Presley’s funny moments caught on tape

Many fans don’t remember Elvis’ sense of humor during his live shows. Elvis was known for making jokes in the beginning, middle, and ending of songs. Do you have a favorite Elvis moment?

The first clip shows Elvis in his white suit on stage with his guitar, leaning on his left leg. He says, “I wrote this song, you know, when I was a baby,” he chuckles with the audience.

He looks down and tells them it’s a very tender love song. Elvis explains that you get in the girl’s face as he demonstrates getting lower. He looks down, acts like it is a quiet, intimate moment, and then makes a loud sound on the microphone.

Elvis looks down in the front row at a concert and grabs a crown that a woman gives him, and he gives her a long kiss. Then, he lets go as the crowd squeals and says, “You want another one?” And he goes back for another kiss.

There are also two back-to-back clips of Elvis singing, randomly sticking the microphone into his mouth and making a hilarious noise. He smiles at everyone around him and continues to sing, knowing his fans enjoy his playfulness.

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